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Alex Lucien is a Multi-Dimensional Creator and Intuitive Life Coach born in Haiti to a set of parents who love music and arts.
He spent his life immersed in vibration, sound, and being in service to others. His experiences range from building speakers, to becoming a DJ, completing a Sound Engineering Program, assisting in the field of Occupational Therapy, being an intuitive life coach, and now a Sound Healer using the Tank Drum also known as Tongue Drum (Vibrational Therapy) in meditation, relaxation, yoga, dance, flow, private sessions, acupuncture, massage, reflexology, ceremonial energy healing, transformational retreats, out of body experiences, and personal development workshops. Alex's love for creativity and innovation has led him to launch his company "Now You Can Exhale" and his first solo album titled "Layers of Consciousness", to remind everyone how supported, respected, and valued they are. His mission is to be a Guardian Explorer thriving with deliberate purpose, radiating unconditional love piercing through the depths of humanity.

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