Created in 2006 by Felle Vega a Dominican composer and percussionist, the Tank "Steel Tongue" Drum is a relatively new instrument that produces sound frequencies at 432 Hz. It has the harmonic intonation of nature and a similar vibrational sensation like classical music. It unites the mind, body and spirit in alignment back to its natural, homeostatic state. The undertones create a relaxed, grounded, and free flowing feeling within the body. Vibrational Therapy is listening or feeling the frequencies of the Tank Drum while entering a meditative relaxed state. It produces the benefits of transmuting physical, mental, and emotional blockages while simultaneously invigorating the connections within, creating centered focus and attention, promoting restful sleep, aiding and stimulating the nervous system, and bringing the organs back to a harmonious state. After a Sound Healing session, the atmosphere and the organic world around you transcends into a heightened state of inner peace, balance, serenity, vitality, and unconditional love.

Alex uses his gifts as an Intuitive Life Coach and his experience in Occupational Therapy to help his clients connect and heal from within. He guides them in finding a safe space to open, explore, and tune in to their own vibrational healing frequency.

Alex has collaborated with Kevin Walton (Transformational Specialist), Miami Community Group (The Light Beings), David Rodriguez (Water Magister), Adriana DeBrito (Acupuncturist), Lindsay Andreotti (Earth University), Beatrice Gaetjens Gonzalez (School for Humanity), Gilbert Gonzales (Mindvalley Haiti), Kent Weed (American Ninja Warrior), Dan Gardner (Detox Consultant), Valencie Dr. Vie Exceus (High Point Healing), Claudia Valdes (The Banyan House), Devi Manet (Raw Bliss), Fern Conn (Dancing Lion Studio),